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headingInk & wash drawings by Naba Kumar Chakrabarty

Our friend and painter Naba Kumar Chakrabarty is mostly fascinated to the ink and wash drawing on paper that he regularly practices in his own studio when he wishes to do the work. In his statement he said “I find traditional black ink a beautiful medium to explore the different hues of life. Black ink is my perfect expression in capturing and creating the megalopolis that weaves all my background stories. Black ink to me is the movement of abstract poetry that is epitomized in my entire small, simple art piece.”

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty    My perspective-3     Acrylic on canvas     12" x 12"     2012

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty     My perspective-3     Acrylic on canvas     12″ x 12″   2012


My perspective-3    Acrylic on canvas (converted to Grayscale Mode)    12″ x 12″   2012

He is one of the active organizer and most important participant to take part in the 10th group show “in black & white” by Scarlet Palette at AFA, Kolkata at the end of 2nd week of April 2014. I have a little idea about the other participants’ black & white series of works exhibited in this show but the works of Naba Kumar that I could identify his self-expression of his series of works in a show at Santiniketan; not only that, before the exhibition when I was visiting his studio I discovered the fantastic exploration of ink & wash techniques that simultaneously played a role of uniqueness to materialize the look and feel, maintenance of the gray tone values instead of color tone values, finer contours to blotted brush-lines on damp surface of the paper with gradual toning including re-structuring the concept of forms and imageries guided by his experience and experiment and its appearance to achieve an adequate void space around the image, all along, that could have a refined pictorial quality to generate a pictorial language. If it was being made by him playfully with water, oil or acrylic in primary colors, not only in black tone, that effort resulted same.

Notwithstanding the presence of above features (mechanism of the art practice) and burdensome soft-hard gray tones, transparency or opacity or complex arrangements of elements, fluidity of the visual appearance are found that I compare with his colored artwork that eventually proves a tendency of monochromatic appearance. Minimal color palette appears the dense dark tone, the percentage of gray value when I convert it into the grayscale mode it shows a similar gray value of his current black & white drawing from force of habit for building artworks and his passionate style that Naba Kumar signifies the identification along with his mysterious mind set. For that reason he said, “Black ink is the black pool that makes me delve into the deepest and purest contemplation.”

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty Ink on paper Untitled 11" x 9" 2014

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty     Ink on paper     Untitled     11″ x 9″    2014

The hundred percent dark black ink splits into multiple sets of wash or contours that creates an assemblage of megalopolis multi dimensional hues of metro lives. “I like to color my thoughts with ink..” is Naba Kumar’s paradoxical comment that defines an untrue imaginative method what is on the contrary, truly defined as reality to expose the fragmented hues of life through the journey where a grayscale measurement represents the color value by default that default color value is symbolically connected to the hard-core realities. Major identified defragmentation of imageries floats onto the surface of the ink-painting, apparently what may seem to the viewers, a predecessors’ contribution or influence is here to be followed by him though it’s no matter to discuss it thoroughly. Obviously we are pleased to make it sense to understand the “Black ink to me is the movement of abstract poetry that is epitomized in my entire small, simple art piece.”

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty Grafix for kanestara12 Ink on paper Size: unknown 2014

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty  Grafix for kanestara-12   Ink on paper   Size: unknown   2014

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty Grafix for kanestara8 Ink on paper Size: Unknown 2014

Naba Kumar Chakrabarty   Grafix for kanestara-8   Ink on paper   Size: Unknown   2014










Naba’s passionate style in figurative composition, perception, fluidity and magical treatment in ink-painting that ink-painting used as the final medium what inherited by the next generation art practice from predecessors’ (modern Indian artists) paradigm which contributed to the modern phase of Indian art history, accepted ink as well as the final or principal medium. Since it was invoked by virtue of an eastern influence (India, Japan, China) or calligraphy of the middle-east, purely a logical decision they had taken to go through a research to look for their own identity (Orientals) that acted behind a political question and the politico against the colonization based on national freedom movement. On the other hand the art education also provided an idea to inspire pupils to draw an attention to the traditional concept in post or pre independence era. Perhaps I think both conditions impressed Naba Kumar’s mind too. But that doesn’t mean that Naba Kumar set himself aside from the main stream of western school of art, the post colonial condition and globalization caused it to strengthen its existence more. An amalgamation has been generated that would certainly happen!

Let’s think about the fact, on the aforesaid day what Naba Kumar showed us after while opening the lid of his Pandora box that was “…black pool that makes me delve into the deepest and purest contemplation.” Perhaps we also become inspired by the provocative thoughts that Naba Kumar held on.

Now I mention it that the show had come to an end few days before. While this show was running, so many authentic persons visited this exhibition. I hope viewers looked through the exhibition gladly to enjoy everything obviously that included the artworks created by Naba Kumar!

* For more images please go to BanglaBlogaru > Gallery > Naba Kumar Chakrabarty

–Reported by neelseen


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