A looking back, an early start up(12)

An old artwork

(Hu)man & machine relationship…

This is another acrylic work that I did on paper in 1991-92 and this painting did not take part in any exhibition even not shown to anyone of my friends’ circle, art lovers or gallery owners after or before 1991. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong but a feeling of the mechanical sounds in the workshop that I enjoy here. For that reason also with few added imaginative elements this is one of my favorite painting among others. I like it!

Workshop series(5)    Tempera on paper    30″ x 23″ (app.)    1991

Nilotpal Sinha     Workshop series(5)     Acrylic on paper     30″ x 23″ (app.)     1991-92


About নীলসীন neelseen

নীলোৎপল সিংহ ( জন্ম.১৯৬০ ) কলকাতায় (ক্যালকাটা, ভারত ) বসবাস করেন। একজন কলকাতাবাসী শিল্পী হিসাবে তিনি দীর্ঘ ত্রিশবছর ব্যাপী চিত্রকলা ও নিউ মিডিয়া প্রকল্প চর্চার সঙ্গে যুক্ত আছেন। Nilotpal Sinha ( b.1960 ) lives in Kolkata (Calcutta, India ), Being a Kolkata based artist he is engaged in painting and new media projects during last thirty years.
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