A looking back, an early start up(8)

An old artwork

(Hu)man & machine relationship..

I did this acrylic in 1991 that participated a solo exhibition in the same year. Once I was a resident in a semi-industrial locality in east Calcutta (Kolkata) township area where so many small-scale industries and slums resided at side by side and working people including different class of lower-income group people were the dwellers in that under developed semi-urban locality that locality was so much congested, dirty, unhealthy and a den of anti social or out laws; people survived with a tremendous insecure life struggle to keep up their basic needs that sometimes halted by the political clash like as factory closure or strike, almost a suffering was clung to everyday life.

I saw them very closely and I had a friendly connection with them though they had not enough time to pay attention to someone as because of their insecure harder life style. In spite of that their simplicity, polite behaviour and laughing care, self gravity, rejoice and careful participation in a religious festival to enjoy the festive mood attracted me vigorously. A close observation to their life and a (hu)man-machine-struggle for finishing products skillfully inspired me to paint a narrative content of the flowing rhythmical life style!

Nilotpal Sinha  Workshop series(1)  Acrylic on canvas  48" x 36"  1991

Nilotpal Sinha    Workshop series(1)    Acrylic on canvas    48″ x 36″   1991


About নীলসীন neelseen

নীলোৎপল সিংহ ( জন্ম.১৯৬০ ) কলকাতায় (ক্যালকাটা, ভারত ) বসবাস করেন। একজন কলকাতাবাসী শিল্পী হিসাবে তিনি দীর্ঘ ত্রিশবছর ব্যাপী চিত্রকলা ও নিউ মিডিয়া প্রকল্প চর্চার সঙ্গে যুক্ত আছেন। Nilotpal Sinha ( b.1960 ) lives in Kolkata (Calcutta, India ), Being a Kolkata based artist he is engaged in painting and new media projects during last thirty years.
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