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Hanseswari Mondir (The Temple Hanseswari)

Hanseswari Mondir (The temple Hanseswari) 23.06.2013

Hanseswari Mondir (The Temple Hanseswari)   23.06.2013 by Koela Bagchi

A passionate art practice in photography by Koela Bagchi

Koyela BagchiKoela Bagchi born and brought up in Kolkata who involved in art-photography and parallel working as a freelance photographer for last ten years as with a number of add-agencies and event management companies. Outdoor photography is her passionate art practice when she is going to sites with the accessories for shooting in search of photogenic view throughout the surroundings of Kolkata, the city of joy or an outing to greenery-village or district for capturing shots on historical places, social or religious events or natural views. Once I talked to her about the photographic treatment Koela said me that the processed photography could not create an impact to her mind any more and she never liked it. Although she used to handle a digital camera but she would like to look through the lens to take a snap within a certain moment that finally created an artistic feature to the shot and for that reason the photography is always a passion to her mind setup. Koela wrote a text to the friends in Facebook in her own words,” Only photography too that can make me forget all insulting situation! Only photography too that can sound against all crude questions! Only photography too that can keep me cool when I become excited! Only photography too that can help me getting fired when I become angry!…On that day when I click a good shot on I can feel to capture the whole world in a handful condition! That’s it! “

Koyela Bagchi in shooting mood

Koela Bagchi is looking through the lens.

At the same time by profession she is also involved in the fashion world. As an event photographer she covered so many photo secessions with few reputed companies or institutions that are West Bengal Pollution Control Board, EZCC (Govt. of India), ICCR (Govt. of India), Bangla Sangeet Mela Committee (Bengali Music Fair Committee), Biorad, and many more. On the other hand she has already worked with some other companies such as Mother Dairy, Ramswarup Udyoug (Udyoug means entrepreneurship) , Cinnamon Restaurant, Sananda (Bengali magazine) etc. and  lots of dress and accessories shop for their several types of product photography for advertising programs. Making fashion portfolio is also a very important part of her work.

Very recent Koela won a ‘Best of the Week’ award on! We congratulate her for a good success!

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–Reported by neelseen


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3 Responses to Photography

  1. Very nice photos of the temple

  2. neelseen says:

    Thank you so much for visit and comments. You are always welcome!

  3. ACHINTYA says:

    Wonderfuly described Smt Bagchi and her work in a nutshell. The sensual photography clearly shows the difference between the cameraperson n photographer. Best wishes for a bright career of Smt Koela Bagchi.

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