Panart Show

Panart Show Logo

Panart Show Logo

Panart Show is the yearly exhibition of Panart Platform that was being conducted by this organisation in the month of April 2011 at G.C.Laha Birth Centenary Hall, Kolkata. Before joining this exhibition few upcoming and committed marginal painters of different age group proposed an idea to make an independent and non-formal artists’ platform and finally they did it. After a long vacation of several meets they considered together to be organised and started this exhibition. Also they had got some innovative and unique ideas on various art-programs, such as street art, public art, art workshop or camp or ‘let us paint together’ etc. along with debates and dialogs in search of a new art language of present time, but before that, instead of aforesaid programs this platform and it’s show had become liquidated due to an unavoidable circumstances and  that’s it, the truth exists till today!

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Link : Panart Show-2011


About নীলসীন neelseen

নীলোৎপল সিংহ ( জন্ম.১৯৬০ ) কলকাতায় (ক্যালকাটা, ভারত ) বসবাস করেন। একজন কলকাতাবাসী শিল্পী হিসাবে তিনি দীর্ঘ ত্রিশবছর ব্যাপী চিত্রকলা ও নিউ মিডিয়া প্রকল্প চর্চার সঙ্গে যুক্ত আছেন। Nilotpal Sinha ( b.1960 ) lives in Kolkata (Calcutta, India ), Being a Kolkata based artist he is engaged in painting and new media projects during last thirty years.
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